RESTful API Client
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This Addon provides actions to send HTTP/S requests using GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods. You can read more by following this link: Here are shared API test cases examples you can use as good reference to start API HTML and Dynamic API Endpoint Test Android and Restful API Test Example API Database Test
HTTP PUT Request →
Web, Android, iOS
HTTP GET Request →
Web, Android, iOS
Web, Android, iOS
HTTP POST Request →
Web, Android, iOS
HTTP PATCH Request →
Web, Android, iOS
What's new
Added support for sending body in a GET request#*#*#Added an option to send files
Minor fixes
Updated to Generic (non platform-specific) Addon
Added 'PATCH' Action
Added the option to save response headers into a parameter
Fixed: PUT request with empty body failing.
Improved response structure when using JsonPath parameter
Allowed requests to IP addresses
Reverted changes done in previous version.
Added JSON scheme validation and JSON response field.
Minor bug fixes.
Schema validation bug fix on MAC
Added: Input field to decide how to delimit the headers(separate the key and the value)
default stays as '='
Allowing to provide JSON body in DELETE requests
TestProject Platform
http, api, get, post, put, delete, rest, restful
Web, Android, iOS
Frequently Asked Questions
An Addon is a collection of coded Automation Actions you can use within any test to empower TestProject's in-browser recorder and extend its built-in capabilities even further. Addons are stored in a collaborative library on TestProject's platform. They are developed and shared by the entire community, and give you the power to effortlessly enhance your recorded tests while saving up valuable time. Learn more here.
An Automation Action is a specific coded action within an Addon, that helps you with the creation of your test automation and acts as a building block within your test. The goal of an Automation Action is to save you valuable time and effort in order to enhance your test cases.
Yes, the Addons library and all of their Automation Actions are 100% free, created and contributed by the community for the community.
Definitely! You can use our Java SDK to customize any coded action to fit your exact testing needs. Read more about it here or reach out to us for help at [email protected].
For sure! Feel free to suggest an Addon or an Automation Action you might be missing over on our suggestions board here. The TestProject Team reviews carefully every single request and prioritize its development accordingly.
Of course! TestProject has a dedicated team of Solution Engineers available to help you with any of your testing needs and on any question you may have. Simply reach out to our experts via the chat, active forum, or write to us at [email protected].
Yes it is! TestProject is 100% free test automation platform and is powered by Tricentis, the #1 leader in software testing, extending its support and commitment for the open source community.